The event space at Dechen London was transformed last Saturday to entertain and enrich the inhabitants of West London. Mouthwatering food, captivating stories and delightful dances celebrated the culture of Tibet. Those who attended were encouraged to try food prepared by members of the Tibetan community and the younger members were entertained with stories from the life of the Buddha. And then there was the dancing…

Tibetan Food

Delicious Tibetan Food

It was testament to the quality of the food that the mountain of delectable delights were devoured, with very little left over. This included Tibetan biscuits, called khapse, made from flour, eggs, butter and sugar. The khapse are moulded into different shapes before being deep fried. These are most commonly eaten at Losar and special occasions. They went down a treat with tea and coffee that was served throughout the day.

Tibetan Dancing

Tibetan Dancing

Following the feast there were stories for the younger generation about the life of the Buddha. This was led by Andrew, a more experienced member of the Buddhist community, provoking fascinating questions. This was followed by members of the Tibetan community singing and dancing, as can be seen in the video below (check out our Dechen London Facebook page for more footage of this event). Then people threw caution to the wind and joined in, stepping in time to both traditional and modern Tibetan songs. Both young and old tried their best to keep in time as the tempo gradually increased. From seven months to seventy years of age, the dance steps that were second nature to the Tibetans were followed and imitated with interesting results.

More Events at Dechen London

Look out for further events at Dechen London, including stories from the Life of Milarepa, art exhibitions from Jean Veasey and Molly van der Weij and traditional Thangka painting with Elliott Ripley. Click here to find Dechen London, or sign up to our monthly newsletter below for regular information on forthcoming events.